By: Marquette Hovan

AKHIA’s offices are decorated like a home, and it feels like a home. With everyone relaxed and working together daily, going to AKHIA for work does not feel like a job, but rather an opportunity to meet people, laugh, and learn new things along the way.

One of the things I have come to love about AKHIA is its culture. The culture in the office is extremely unique. From interns to the CEO, everyone is open and welcoming. I feel like I could talk to anyone if I needed help.

Everyone works together. To get one project done means it’s usually going to take at least three different people from various agency departments. Collaboration with projects and account information is a necessity so each person can do their job correctly. Without collaboration, projects would fall short, people in the office would not be pushed creatively, and clients would be unhappy.

The people here care about what they are doing. They want their project to get done well, so each person is working to the best of their ability to perfect their work. However, every day people are laughing and having a good time together. I’m happy just sitting at my desk listening to everyone share stories, talk about work (and life) and laugh.

AKHIA does an excellent job treating each employee as a person they care about rather than just an employee. When I first arrived at AKHIA, an email was already sent out about me—my hobbies, my likes, what I’m going to school for, and so on. Throughout my few weeks here, I’ve had a number of AKHIA people reach out to me, take me to lunch and get to know me and the other interns better so that we get the most out of our experience here.

I feel excited each day to come to AKHIA and see what is going on, and if you had the opportunity to work here I’m sure you would too.