We all see viral tweets or Instagram pictures pop up in our social media feeds from time to time. Sometimes they’re funny (or even punny!). Other times they have gone viral for the wrong reasons. Whatever the reason, there’s no arguing our generation of social media users loves engaging with brands on social and passing along content they find funny, sharable and relevant. So, I wanted to share with you four of my favorite brands I believe are doing social media right.


To me, this one’s obvious.  Chipotle is notorious for posting a lot of highly visual and entertaining content on social, like this. More so, I love the interaction they have with everyday users. One of my personal favorites was when they chatted with country artist Joel Crouse. The two handles often had full conversations over the summer about their love for the glorious burrito. (Who’s ready for lunch now?)

The Tonight Show

Call me biased but I had to include my boy Jimmy in this one. Since taking over The Tonight Show in February, Jimmy Fallon’s team over at NBC has done an excellent job incorporating the second-screen experience into the late-night talk show. Tonight Show Hashtags is by far my favorite segment. Fellow Fallon watchers, are you with me on this one? Each week, @TheTonightShow tweets an unusual hashtag (previous ones include #MyWeirdWaiter, #AwkwardDate and #MomQuotes) and has viewers tweet responses back using that hashtag. The producers then choose the best ones to go on-air during the show later that week. (Jimmy often boasts that their hashtags usually trend worldwide within an hour of revealing them.)


How doesn’t this one excite you? In addition to rocking Twitter and Instagram with insane, incredible and sometimes terrifying pictures, camera manufacturer GoPro is killing it on YouTube. Seriously…check them out. On their regularly updated channel you’ll find videos that GoPro users have taken of just about anything, including extreme sports and underwater interactions with sharks. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these videos are actually real. Although most videos uploaded to GoPro’s channel are professionally recorded, a number of videos are shot by GoPro users and then acquired by the brand.

Taco Bell

Yes, of course I had to include Taco Bell. There’s no shame in its Twitter game. Short tweets like “Saved by Taco Bell” and “You. Me. Taco Bell,” have garnered the fast food chain over 1.35 million followers since jumping on the Twitter train in 2007. Like Chipotle, Taco Bell often responds to other users in a humorous way and regularly posts Vine videos and pictures to promote the brand. I know we just had Chipotle, but anyone up for a Taco Bell run?

What are your favorite brands on social media? What about their social presence draws you to them?