By: Angela DelBrocco

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself. I’m Angela Marie DelBrocco, graduate of The University of Akron and passionate public relations professional with a lot of drive and a lot of sass. I’m also the new Account Services Intern at AKHIA and thrilled to be here.

During my time so far, I have witnessed some, as I like to call them, pretty great moments (PGMs).  I could write a book because I am so observant, but I’ll save you all the longest post ever and tell you all about my favorite PGM I’ve seen here at AKHIA.

At least once a week I hear multiple people exclaim they can’t believe what time it is; mainly, because the day has gone by entirely too fast.  But also, because there are still so many things they need to accomplish in the remainder of the day. What I found “pretty great” is that almost every time I heard this, I also heard someone offer their assistance. It’s a PGM when even though we ALL are so busy, there are still many people here trying to help each other out.

Whether you’re busy producing your best work for clients, cramming for a big exam, or bracing yourself for the upcoming holidays with the family, it’s a busy time of year. Where you work and how you work with others can have a significant impact on your day. It’s great seeing the community here at AKHIA, and I look forward to experiencing some more PGMs throughout my internship.

What are some PGMs that happen at your company?