New Year’s resolutions have never really been my thing.  I always point out habits I’d like to kick or habits I’d like to pick up, but I’ve never set definitive resolutions.  A couple of weeks ago,  some colleagues in a meeting were discussing professional New Year’s resolutions, and this motivated and challenged me to really think hard and consider what I want to achieve professionally in 2015.

  1. Wake up earlier and be informed. I’m a college student. I sleep until the last possible minute and scarf down a breakfast bar on my way out the door. I really want to try and break that habit to avoid rushed mornings in 2015. Having enough time to watch a half hour of The Today Show or get caught up to speed with the latest happenings on social media would better prepare me for the day that lies ahead.
  2. Blog consistently and take advantage of LinkedIn Publisher. Even though part of my duties as an intern at AKHIA is to write posts for The Microbrew, I really do enjoy it! Sometimes the most frustrating part about blogging is coming up with a topic, but that’s also my favorite part too. The writing comes easy when I pick topics I’m passionate about. Even though blogging on my own time seems intimidating, I have plenty to say and know it would be hugely beneficial.
  3. Listen to talk radio or subscribe to a podcast. While on winter break, I listened to “Serial.” Non-stop. It has been parodied on Saturday Night Live, and the host, Sarah Koenig, has even appeared on The Colbert Report. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should. In a media landscape that is mostly dominated by TV, it was nice to step back and just listen while imagining the scene in my head. I thought I would be easily distracted because I would just be listening to someone talk but this actually made me more attentive. I got hooked on the podcast, and now it’s over (sadly) so I would really like to find another that hooks me like “Serial” did. Anyone have suggestions?
  4. Graduate college! I began my final semester of college this week, and the feeling is truly bittersweet. Nothing embodies my feelings better than how Ben Brugler, president of AKHIA, put it in a recent blog post about enjoying the moment. So, that is exactly what I’m going to do this semester, at my internship, at school and as I work to accomplish these resolutions.

Do you have any professional New Year’s resolutions? What are they?