I have seen and heard this phrase multiple times in the past week. One of the questions I had was, why? What makes AKHIA better than all the rest? Why is it so special? Sure, they have won awards, but how did they earn them? Why?

I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Let me back up and introduce myself.  I’m Kelsey Rose Ellashek, junior at Kent State University and the newest intern at AKHIA. I’m studying to obtain majors in Business Management and Marketing as well as minors in International Business and Human Resource Management. When I started my internship, I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the door. Honestly, I was just happy I got an internship and was excited to start to gain more professional experience.

I had heard of AKHIA and was impressed with how successful they have become in such a short time frame – I read about their awards, and I asked myself, “Why is this company different than any others?” After being here for less than a week, I realized it’s not just one thing that makes AKHIA so successful; it’s a combination of different factors that make it extraordinary.

Throughout the week I have discovered why “#iheartakhia.”  Starting my first day, everyone was welcoming and open to any questions I had, but everyone has to be nice on the first day, right? It didn’t stop there though. Throughout the entire week, there were agency-wide emails with updates on projects, where people were and accomplishments that were achieved. There were congratulations to employee anniversaries and applause to a job well done. Not to mention the dog in the office and the celebration of National Pie Day.

AKHIA isn’t a business, a job or an internship – it’s a team. They care not only about their clients, but their employees. I am excited for the future weeks to come. I have a feeling I will learn and discover even more reasons why AKHIA is one of the best.

Now, after only a week, I can confidently say #iheartakhia.