Hello, 2015! New year, new you—am I right? Chances are you spent the last week—or month—of 2014 establishing personal as well as professional New Year’s resolutions (See 4 Resolutions You Need to Keep in 2015). However, chances are you’ve already broken the goals you resolved to meet for 2015.  I swear it’s not my lack of faith in humans stating this; it’s a fact. According to Forbes, only 8 percent of those who establish New Year’s resolutions stick to them.

When establishing our New Year’s resolutions, we often set ourselves up for failure. This can happen due to setting goals that are too broad, making it difficult to stay focused and motivated. To avoid letting your goals slip past you this year—choose a word that you want to be in 2015. This word can act as your overall goal. Then, set your very specific and measurable smaller goals that play into the big picture (is this starting to sound familiar, marketing and communication professionals?).

Here’s a list of 10 adjectives that everyone in the professional realm could vow to emulate in 2015:

Adroit – Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind; resourceful

Amiable – Diffusing warmth and friendliness

Boundless – Limitless; immeasurable

Connected – Join together so as to provide access and communication

Dependable – Trustworthy and reliable

Effulgent – Brilliantly radiant; emanating joy or goodness

Faithful – Loyal, constant and steadfast

Impactful – Having the power to affect feelings or results

Resilient – Spring back into shape after bending

Persistent – Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

Outlets such as Fast Company have been swearing by the one‑word resolution in recent articles. The thought process behind this simple task is to reflect on who you want to be and what characteristics you wish to emulate in the new year. Constantly reminding yourself of the characteristics you desire to emulate should in theory change your actions thus becoming a part of who you are.

What’s your word you desire to be in 2015?