I chose to apply for an internship with AKHIA because of the esteemed reputation surrounding AKHIA’s work and culture—and then they chose me back. I remember when I first received the news … AKHIA had chosen me for their 2014 fall internship program. I think I called just about everyone but the President of The United States to share the awesome update and annoyingly repeated to my family, “Guess what? … I’m an AKHIA intern!”

And now, as my time as an AKHIA intern comes to a close, I wanted to share some thoughts and key takeaways from this experience for future interns wanting to become an AKHIA intern (hint: you absolutely want to become an AKHIA intern).

  • Make “I am a sponge” your mantra. You’re an intern so you can learn. Time FLIES, and to make the most out of your experience, try to absorb as much as you can. Doing this gives you the ability to really help the team, and by pushing yourself you will walk away with a significant amount of valuable knowledge, experience and memories.

  • It’s normal to question yourself and your abilities. Jumping into new things can be intimidating and overwhelming. I won’t say there weren’t days I thought to myself, “Am I doing OK? Am I not doing enough? …etc.,” but I quickly realized it was all part of the experience. Always remember the internship employer chose you and decided to take a chance on you. They had enough faith in your abilities to invite you into their passionate workplace. Remember that and you’ll be able to handle it all. Just remember it’s OK to ask questions, but resolve to do your absolute best every day—your efforts will be much appreciated. 

  • You are an intern. Remember that as much as you are an intern to learn about the industry, internships are also made to help support account teams. When someone asks for your assistance, it’s most likely because they are overwhelmed with work. Teach yourself to say “yes.” I majorly scared myself by doing this, but I learned I have the capacity to handle and follow through with more projects efficiently than I knew I could before I started—and gained a reputation for being the go-to person for many different tasks while here.

All of my excitement prior to my internship was justified and met by my experience that significantly exceeded any and all expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity I had here at AKHIA and pleased with the amount of knowledge, skills and memories I am going to take with me. If you are thinking about interning at AKHIA, you should totally stop thinking, start polishing that resume and get to it!

What advice would you give to an intern?