Since starting my internship at AKHIA nearly seven months ago, I’ve realized there are many luxuries I have as a college student. Once I graduate in May, I will become a full-fledged member of the “real world.”  I’m very excited to see where that road takes me, but there are some things I’m going to have to leave behind in college that I may have taken for granted over the past four years. I’m here to tell my fellow undergrads to appreciate what they have before it’s gone.

Extra sleep. You know what I’m talking about … sleeping past 9 a.m. and taking those “much-needed” naps between classes. As I’ve learned, once you check in for the day in the real world, you’re in. There’s no time to ponder an afternoon snooze, unless you catch a few Zs during lunch! This means no more staying up past midnight. (Man, I’m starting to sound like my parents now.)

Flexibility of time. In college, you get to create your own class schedule, take online classes and move things around freely if you get off task. In the real world, you must work your schedule around others. At AKHIA, we work hard and play hard, so long projects are often rewarded with fun events and happy hours. Sometimes you have to get to the office early or stay late in order to meet deadlines, but it’s all worth it in the end when the client is ecstatic about the work you’ve completed for them.

Spontaneity. Want to go on an impromptu trip with some friends? Make sure it’s on a weekend. Once you enter the real world and have a full-time job, you’re now committed to that job and company. I didn’t realize how often I went on small excursions or went on impromptu trips to visit friends at neighboring colleges before I started working in college. On the bright side, working provides an income and opens so many more doors, allowing me to finance even bigger and better trips.

Does the real world sound scary yet? From my experience, it really isn’t. In many cases, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy working and the added perks that go along with it (like a paycheck). So, as I finish up my final weeks of college, I will embrace the things that make college “college.” (Is there time for a nap today?)

What will you miss most about college?