By Morgan Jupina

Flashback two years ago to my first steps inside AKHIA as a Kent State University sophomore. I was on a mission to dig up some research for a class project. Two other classmates and I met with AKHIA President Ben Brugler to ask questions about the best ways to promote the annual YouToo Social Media Conference at Kent State. It was the first time I heard a professional discuss public relations with such passion, and it struck a chord in me.

Not only was there a huge jar of candy sitting on the front desk and a wall covered with reasons to love AKHIA, but I was surrounded by kind people. I was inspired. So much that I actually said, “I’m going to work here one day.”

Now, two years later and only 30 days away from graduating (not that I’m counting down the days or anything), I sit as an AKHIA Account Services intern… finally! I had a full schedule on my first day filled with meeting the A-Team and learning about each department. I felt like I fit right in—especially because I somehow managed to match half of the people in the office wearing the same shade of green!

I have learned so much as a college student—mostly lessons such as “don’t procrastinate,” “go to bed at a decent time” and “stop eating so much pizza”—but I’m ready to dive into real-world projects at AKHIA. My classes as a PR major have allowed me to create campaigns for real clients, practice technical writing and develop an understanding of strategic communication, but I personally don’t believe education should stop after graduation. Luckily, AKHIA is a place that promises consistent educational growth and a chance to expand horizons. Everyone here is truly determined to produce quality work for their clients and challenge themselves daily. I aspire to be like that.

I’m looking forward to contributing to The Microbrew through the summer. And, I can’t wait to write on the wall with my own reason why I heart AKHIA (unfortunately there’s only enough room left for one)!