Hello Microbrew! Let me start off with an introduction: My name is Nick Colovas, and I am the newest Account Services intern here at AKHIA. I am always looking for new challenges, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on internships, life, succeeding outside of college and balancing free time with “real world” work responsibilities.

A brief summary about myself: I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, so I am used to sweltering summers, bitter cold winters and those random days where Mother Nature decides to throw caution to the wind and hit you with every season at once. When I started at Ohio University a couple years ago, I had planned to major in Political Science.  Needless to say I changed my mind but, that’s what college is for right? In the fall, I will be entering into my junior year at OU with a double major in Marketing and Management Information Systems.

As for my initial experience: I didn’t know what to expect during my first few days at AKHIA. I had never experienced the world of an agency before; what I walked into was a laid back, fun work environment designed to foster functionality and creativity. On my first day, I began to learn the ins and outs of the business. AKHIA functions in three departments: Account Services, Creative and Optimization. Every department works seamlessly with the others making the agency function like a well-oiled machine. In my first week here, I quickly realized that working in an agency meant you had to be able to adapt to constant changes. You are in the business of making ideas reality, and the first draft you create isn’t always what ends up as the finished product!

This internship has already been a blessing, and I look forward to learning all I possibly can in my short time here (and sharing it with you all!). I have already learned two valuable lessons: 1) There is always room for change and improvement 2) Adaptability is critical to success, especially in marketing. I will undoubtedly treasure my time here, and I cannot wait to experience all that AKHIA has to offer me. Look for more insights to come from me throughout the summer!