What if you ran into the CEO of the company where you want to land your dream job? What would you say? How would you make yourself stand out? It could be incredibly nerve-wracking if you didn’t know what to say. Think about it – CEOs are always strapped for time, but saying the right thing could get your foot in the door. You need to be memorable, but how? An elevator pitch, that’s how.

An elevator pitch is a concise statement that you can say in typically 30 to 45 seconds that tells someone about you and, in this case, why you’re perfect for a job. It can also be beneficial for job or internship interviews when you’re asked the famous “tell me about yourself” question. Make sure to keep your elevator pitch short and sweet while touching on the top, differentiating facts about yourself. Here is what you should always include:

The basics
Make sure to say your first and last name and what you’re aspiring to do. If you are still in school, don’t worry! Share what you’re studying and where. You can even add some key characteristics that you would like the person to know about you, such as relevant experience.

Your skills
What is the benefit you can offer to the company? A CEO or hiring manager will want to know why you are different than other candidates. Mention your accomplishments and greatest strengths.

Your work
You already mentioned the benefits you offer the company – now you need to prove it. Anyone can say they did anything, but offering concrete examples will set you apart. Have you become a pro at organizing events on campus? Do you run multiple Twitter accounts for your internship? Share what you’re passionate about.

Call to action
What do you want them to do? You can ask for a follow-up discussion, an informational interview, or simple advice. It never hurts to ask.

Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on your pitch. After all, you are selling yourself. Stand out, make it interesting, and make them want to learn more.

What tips do you have for creating your best elevator pitch?