By Nick Colovas

Transitioning from high school to college is certain to be a very exciting time in any teenager’s life. Even moving up from freshman to sophomore year can mean big life changes. If you’re looking for a way to get involved when you’re on campus, here are a few life “pro tips” from my experience in a business fraternity.

Join a Club!

Last semester marked the end of the of my sophomore year at Ohio University, and it was by far better than my freshman year. Like anything else, college gets better with experience. The more comfortable you are with your university, the easier it will be for you to branch out. This is your new home after all! Like many others, I fell victim to the belief that I did not need to participate in any extra-curricular activities to get the most out of college.

Freshman year was fun, but I found it somewhat difficult to make friends, and I learned it is surprisingly easy to drift to where you feel safe and enclose yourself in familiar surroundings. If you just take a step out of this comfort zone, there is an entire new world outside of the classroom that your school can offer you. For me, this meant joining the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi).

Consider Membership

AKPsi accepts students from any discipline with a minor in business. This gives all members a healthy exposure to the skill sets of different types of people. Everyone has special knowledge and experience to bring to the table. Become a member of a club or organization that is of interest to you and offers networking experiences to help you grow professionally.

Give Back

AKPsi organizes and assists with numerous philanthropic events throughout every semester. During the spring semester, we hosted an overnight Relay for Life event that had plenty of games and activities for anyone who wanted to participate. You never know who you’ll meet volunteering, so be sure to get involved in at least one experience per semester to see where it takes you.

Learn Professionalism

The AKPsi fraternity exists to help prepare its members for life outside of college. Professional speakers come in regularly to address the fraternity on habits of successful people and how to prosper in the “real world.” Most of the fraternity’s professional activities serve as an excellent addition to demonstrate volunteer experience on a resume.There are so many organizations colleges offer to help you grow during your college years and launch your professional career. Believe me—the experiences and connections will take you well beyond your collegiate time.

Thanks to AKPsi, I’ve learned a lot so far in my time at OU. Are you in any beneficial groups? If you’ve graduated, what groups did you participate in?