Preparing for an interview can make anyone anxious, especially if you’re starting your first job search. It can be challenging to adjust how you need to prepare and determining ways to showcase your skills and knowledge. It is normal to feel nervous days before a big interview, but below are a few tips that will help calm your nerves and make you feel more prepared when the big day comes.

Interview in the morning. Rather than building up nerves all day, avoid the excess stress by interviewing in the morning if possible. You can take it off your plate and be able to get more done throughout your day because you won’t be thinking about how it’s going to go.

Know how to market yourself. It might sound strange to market yourself, but after all that is what you’re doing in an interview. Know your strengths and how you can utilize them in that position. Practice ahead of time so you know exactly what to say to any personal questions that could arise.

Prepare the most the night before. Before you go to bed, plan out your outfit so you won’t have the added stress in the morning. Review the company’s website and news related information so you have some knowledge about the company you potentially could work for. Also, plan the route you’re taking to your interview along with a backup route just in case you run into traffic or have a detour.

Be yourself. You can’t be better than you. Don’t worry if you’ll say the right thing or know the right answer, but just relax and be yourself and it will all come naturally. You’ll come across as more confident and relaxed if you aren’t worrying about how to act. Just be yourself, that’s who the interviewer wants to know anyways.

What tips do you have for calming your nerves for an interview?