Everyone knows, or has heard, about LinkedIn being the top site to help with your job search. Every professional is recommended to have a profile to utilize networking capabilities and career opportunities; however, a lot of people don’t fully understand the best way to use LinkedIn and how to fully benefit from its capabilities.

One of the best advantages of using LinkedIn is for your job search—whether you are actively looking or not. What does that mean? It means, yes, there is a job board where you can apply for positions, but more importantly, it means that recruiters can find you.

It sounds great that recruiters can find you just in case an opportunity may arise, but this is only if you come up in their search and they find your profile a match. Below are a few changes you should make to your profile so you can ensure you look professional and approachable.

Make sure your profile is complete

This is the biggest mistake people can make. Think about if you were the recruiter and saw your profile, what would you think? You wouldn’t want to hire somebody who has an inappropriate picture on their professional page and chances are you wouldn’t message somebody if they have no information about what they’ve done. The more information you have listed the higher the chance you will be included in a search and the higher the chance the recruiter will reach out to you because they can tell if you are qualified for the position.

Connections = visibility

Connect with everybody you meet. Whether it’s friends, colleagues, classmates, or somebody you met at a networking session—reach out to them all. Most recruiters can only see the full profiles of 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections, but if you’re out of network then they can’t view your whole profile. So, the more connections the more people can see your profile.

Include keywords in your profile

Recruiters won’t always search for a specific job title; they will use keywords as well. Try to find a few common words in job descriptions and incorporate them in your profile so you’ll increase the chances of being found.

What are your tips for using LinkedIn to help with your job search?