By: Amanda Azzarelli

Spring has sprung, and break has ended. Have you returned to school feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the semester? I didn’t think so. Spring break can be such a tease, as the sun finally comes out of hiding, and you get to put your responsibilities on the backburner for a few days. Now, the sun is shining even brighter, and your productivity is at an all-time low. If the thought of pulling your crumbled to-do list out of the bottom of your school bag gives you major anxiety, take a step back. Here are some tips for pushing past your springtime slump to finish up your semester on top.

Start small. If you aren’t ready to dust off your textbooks, or you can’t seem to find your laptop charger, begin with an alternative task to kick-start your productivity. Exercise increases motivation, so hitting the gym could give you the boost you need. When you get some other chores out of the way, it can be easier to focus on your bigger projects. When is the last time you washed your sheets? If you would lie to your mom about the answer to that question, laundry should probably move to the top of your list.

Find a new study spot. You (probably) don’t have to chain yourself to your desk to get some work done. A change of scenery can refresh your interest in a subject. Make the most of the nice weather by taking your books to a park or a scenic part of campus. If you feel yourself crashing, move your study session to a local coffee shop to get your fix of caffeine.

Implement an organizational system that works for you. Some people say to-do lists don’t help you get things done, but I am a compulsive list maker. Looking at all of my tasks helps me to prioritize, and I love the feeling of crossing out finished items. If you do not get the same fulfillment out of your own to-do list, consider restructuring it.

Start early. Procrastination causes stress. The sooner you start a project, the less time you have to spend worrying about it. Take a look at your syllabi to identify what major deadlines are approaching, and get started on those projects so you can put more effort into your work.

Eliminate distractions. If you follow all of these tips and still can’t focus, it may be time to take more drastic measures. Digital distraction is a real issue. If you are studying on campus, download the Pocket Points app to get rewarded for paying attention.

Look at the big picture. Summer is right around the corner! Try to push through these next few weeks to get back on track so you can enjoy the rest of your semester.

How are you surviving the springtime slump? What tips do you have for getting back on track?