By: Taylor Martz

When you think of an ‘intern,’ you probably envision an undergraduate student trying to determine where they best fit in the job world, looking to gain experience outside a classroom, and striving to add more lines to their resume. While I also align with these goals, I happen to be a second-year graduate student.

While this probably sounds a bit abnormal to you, it’s been a goal of mine to rendezvous with AKHIA for almost two years. To give you a condensed story of how I got to where I am, I need to start from the beginning.

I was fortunate enough to be on the advanced track to my degree completion by the end of my sophomore year. With a lot of hard work, time spent logging office hours, and a permanent seat in the library, I was recommended to be admitted early to a five-year Bachelor’s-Plus-Master’s program at the University of Dayton (#GoFlyers!). This meant I’d spend the next two years taking both a full load of undergraduate classes and adding in graduate courses at night. If this makes you cringe, you are not alone. I took the challenge in stride, and proudly completed one full year of graduate classes by the time I walked across the stage at my undergraduate commencement.

The summer going into my senior year, I worked for a client of AKHIA’s. I remember being instantly impressed with AKHIA’s dedication, strategic approach, and overall communication and connection with their clients. My boss at the time must have noticed my fascination because she recommended I consider working in an agency environment for future internships.

Flash forward to the summer after graduation. Instead of finishing my final year of my master’s at UD, I transferred my credits to Kent State University in hopes of being closer to home, diversifying my education, and expanding my growing network in the greater Cleveland area. Additionally, I was in search of an internship to bridge the gap between graduation and the start at my new school.

My first semester at Kent rolled around and I was very excited to be back in Northeast Ohio. I had spoken with my graduate advisor about the option of completing an internship for credit for my master’s exit option. Before I had even made it back to my office, the opportunity arose for me to connect with AKHIA once again. A few weeks later, I accepted the position for the spring Account Services internship over the phone with an overwhelming “yes!”

Long story short, the things meant to be on your path have a unique way of finding you. Don’t be discouraged if something passes you by— what’s meant to be will come your way. It might take two summers, two mentor recommendations, three casual run-ins, multiple phone interviews, and a school transfer, but it will be worth it. Trust me, it’s only my third week here, and I already know this opportunity was meant to be.

Has there ever been a company you’ve felt called to work at? What’s holding you back from applying?