By: John Colovas

When searching for a job, numerous employers will offer exceptional pay, vacation time, insurance, 401(k)plans, and various other benefits. It’s important to understand and consider the value of these benefits, but a nonmonetary factor that largely makes an impact on your day-to-day satisfaction is the culture of an organization.

The culture within a workplace is directly tied to employee satisfaction. Culture at the professional level is formed through values, attitudes, employee interactions, management strategies, and other internal factors that make a specific organization unique. Maintaining a well-established culture in a professional setting is no easy task; however, the employees at AKHIA would likely disagree.

The Great Culture of AKHIA

Obtaining an internship at AKHIA was my first step leading toward a professional career in communications. Prior to the start of my first day, I was feeling slightly nervous as I rounded the turn onto Executive Parkway, barely ready to fill an unfamiliar role at an organization that has actual relevance to my potential career. Of course, most of my nervousness came from the fact that, at the time, I had no need to wake up before 10:00 a.m. in the past 2 years. Getting through the day was going to be tough, and it is going to take me a while to get used to things here… or so I thought.

Despite my subtle feelings of angst, I kept a positive mindset and came to the quick realization that working at AKHIA is going to be a great time paired with an even better experience. AKHIA welcomed me into the organization with open arms (and a huge candy jar!) as I was greeted with enthusiastic faces as soon as I walked into the building. Conversations began with ease, and there was already an area set up for me to work on future projects (even though I accidently arrived an hour early).

The friendly interaction with the A-Team members put my mind at ease, and allowed for me to comfortably work in an unfamiliar environment. Aside from sharing an office with sociable co-workers, AKHIA displays excellent management techniques. Not only is it apparent that every employee is valued by the organization, but management also keeps an open-door policy, which allows for easy access to colleagues and managers in order for the team to maintain constant communication regarding questions, concerns, or weekend plans! Being surrounded by individuals that love to collaborate and work as a team made my transition into the work world much smoother, and I truly think of AKHIA as a perfect representation of how culture in a professional setting should operate.

However, it’s not only me that has noticed how wonderful this organization is. AKHIA was also the recipient of the 2017 Smart Culture Award, making it clear that AKHIA’s culture has reached the upper echelon as it allows for more open communication, greater productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and, ultimately, success.

Have you ever had a difficult time fitting into a new work environment?