By: John Colovas

Life inside an organization’s walls is much more than paperwork and emails, aside from completing individual tasks and reaching out to clients, there is more to making a successful business. Specifically, it is nearly impossible to succeed without efficient and friendly communication. Oftentimes, when people hear the word communication, they automatically think of verbal exchanges between two different organizations or employees. However, it is important not to overlook the methods that an organization uses to communicate internally.  Here are a few takeaways that will give you a better look at how to improve your organization’s communication from within.

1. Don’t reprimand mingling – it’s easy to look at nonbusiness related conversation in the office as wasted time, but surprisingly, it can be very beneficial. Allowing employees time to get their mind off of the job and share a laugh with team members does not only improve productivity, but it also gives coworkers the opportunity to build a relationship with one another. Getting to know your peers on a personal level at work is a great way to improve teamwork, satisfaction, and results.

2. Send out an internal newsletter – A newsletter can be a great tool for keeping everybody in the office on track. Internal newsletters can also be accompanied by frequent team conferences held to discuss relevant events for the week such as business updates, birthdays or company gatherings. It’s key that newsletters are sent to all team members to ensure that important information is provided for everyone, including those unable to attend. AKHIA executes this process by holding Weekly Activity Meetings once per week, followed by a newsletter to recap the discussion.*

*Special Tip: Holding meetings and newsletters in conjunction adds the benefit of additional face-to-face time with our team, allowing for relationships to further develop.

3. Use a suggestion box – You can never go wrong with having a suggestion box. A suggestion box is a useful tool to have in any office as it allows employees to anonymously submit ideas or feedback regarding topics they typically wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing in person. If used properly and checked frequently, a suggestion box can generate considerable improvements in communication and allow every team member to feel appreciated.

4. Celebrate your achievements – Acknowledging your team’s accomplishments is a fantastic way to boost morale. Generally, employees are more engaged and productive after being congratulated on a job well done. Take time to recognize individual or team success publicly at a company meeting – recognition goes a long way.

Making the transition from work team to family can be difficult, but extremely worth the effort. It should be a high priority for every work place to make sure that their workers feel valuable, unique, and heard. Following these simple tips can be a great step toward improving your organization’s internal communication skills and turning your office into a home away from home!

How does your team use effective internal communication to boost morale and productivity?