By: Natalie Bittel

The secrets of a successful tradeshow are having a good strategy, putting in the amount of effort you want to get out, and turning to other professionals for advice. Yes, tradeshows are an opportunity for a company to pit itself against competitors, but they are so much more than that. Tradeshows allow companies to build relationships with other people in their industry which not only helps individuals become stronger as professionals but also helps build a stronger network. There are many tips that can aid in a successful tradeshow booth, but some of the most effective are the simplest.

First and foremost, your first impression to potential consumers at a tradeshow will either draw people in or turn them away. Now, this first impression doesn’t necessarily mean some elaborate, multi-thousand-dollar exhibit. It can be simple and inexpensive, if it stands out in some way against the rest.

In addition to having a great first impression, hands-on opportunities are going to be key components in getting your audience to interact with your products, and ultimately, your brand. When people want to know more about a company or product at a tradeshow, they don’t want to just sit and listen to another presentation; they want to get up, get moving, and genuinely interact with the product they are interested in.

Tradeshows are beneficial in many ways, and it is up to each professional to know their audience before diving in headfirst. There are a ton of learning opportunities at these events, but if and only if the right people gain knowledge of the right products.

What is the best tradeshow trick you use as a professional?